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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer an inpatient to UChicago Medicine?

To request to transfer an inpatient to UChicago Medicine, call the Transfer Center at 1-855-834-4782. When requesting a patient transfer, the referring physician will need to supply the following information: Contact information for the current attending physician.

What is a uuchicago faculty physician?

UChicago Faculty Physicians hold faculty positions with the University of Chicago and provide care for patients on the academic health system’s main campus in Hyde Park and in care centers throughout the Chicago region.

Who is the head of Surgery at University of Chicago Medicine?

Jeffrey B. Matthews, MD. Chairman, Department of Surgery. Surgeon-in-Chief, University of Chicago Medicine. Dallas B. Phemister Professor of Surgery. Call 1-800-824-2282 or email [email protected] to contact UCM Physician Connect, a direct link to our University of Chicago Medicine specialists.

Why choose UIC Chicago for surgery?

University of Chicago surgeons also conduct clinical studies to help develop new therapies. We strive to provide the highest level of compassionate and equitable surgical care through premier multidisciplinary programs, transformational research, and leading-edge technology.

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