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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aura and how does it work?

AURA is an electronic research administrative system which facilitates research administration activities on campus. AURA streamlines and automates research administration, allowing for process automation, electronic routing and approval, system-to-system submission to, and data warehouse reporting.

What are the hours of the aura help desk?

The AURA Help Desk is staffed during standard business hours and support hours are M-F 8:30am-5:00pm. If you need assistance outside these hours, please email [email protected] . Don't Have an AURA Account?

What is Aura IBC?

AURA IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) allows researchers to create a protocol for the use of biohazardous materials in research and submit it to the IBC for review. URA is providing AURA Grants e-learning training courses via Canvas.

How long are the aura Grants Trainings?

The live, instructor-led AURA Grants trainings have been condensed into three 10 – 30 minute self-paced learning videos. Completion of these courses will be required for new department staff utilizing AURA Grants, prior to receiving access to the system.

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