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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Ua?

UA History. The birth of the United Association dates back to the year 1889, when a Boston plumber named P. J. Quinlan addressed a brief letter to Richard A. O'Brien, a plumber in Washington, D.C. The author of the letter would become the first General President and its recipient the first General Secretary-Treasurer of the United Association.

What is UA Foundation?

The UA Foundation, founded in 1958, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the UA through philanthropy. "I am so pleased that JP Roczniak has been selected as the president and CEO of the UA Foundation.

What is UA Record app?

The UA HealthBox package is billed as a comprehensive fitness tracking ecosystem, but the companion UA Record app is far from a walled garden. It welcomes data from a wide variety of the third-party apps and devices.

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