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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tyler Hynes have a girlfriend?

Tyler Hynes posted picture of his alleged girlfriend and dog on Instagram in 2017. (Photo: Instagram) Hynes has maintained privacy regarding his personal life, but he is quite open about sharing his professional shenanigans.

What kind of dog does Tom Hynes have now?

In addition to the cottage, like many of us, Hynes brought a new fur baby into his home last year as well. "He's a pandemic puppy. Purebred pandemic puppy," Hynes said with a laugh.

Who is Tyler Hynes?

Tyler Hynes is an actor, director by profession, and Canadian by nationality. He is well known for starring in series of films including I Do, They Don't, Valemont, Winter in Vail, The Mistletoe Secret. Tyler Hynes’ birth took place on May 6, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Is Jay Hynes married?

However, on Valentine’s day of 2017, he did post a picture of his dog and girlfriend Racquel Natasha with the caption, “Miss my girls”. Hynes is not a married man but often features two children- his nieces on his social media pages.

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