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Frequently Asked Questions

What is twist and seal Maxx?

Twist and Seal Maxx - Heavy Duty Extension Cord Protection. It is uniquely designed to protect heavy duty contractor grade extension cord connections up to 10 gauge, while automatically adjusting to protect smaller diameter 16 gauge homeowner electrical cord connections. A patented cord strain relief system prevents the extension cord connection...

Is twist an adjective?

• TWISTED (adjective) The adjective TWISTED has 3 senses: 1. wound or wrapped around something. 2. strained or wrenched out of normal shape. 3. having an intended meaning altered or misrepresented. Familiarity information: TWISTED used as an adjective is uncommon.

What is twist and go?

Twist 'n Go is a type of container created for Pepsi by the Palo Alto-based design firm, IDEO. This bottle was intended to replace the waxed paper cups typically used in convenience stores or for take-out orders in fast food restaurants by overcoming some of the limitations of the commonly used waxed paper cup.

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