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Frequently Asked Questions

How big do Tweedia plants get?

How to Grow Tweedia Botanical Name Tweedia caerulea Common Name Tweedia, blue milkweed, star of the Arge ... Plant Type Perennial, annual Mature Size 2–3 ft. tall, 2–3 ft. wide Sun Exposure Full sun, partial shade 7 more rows ...

Can twetweedia be grown from seeds?

Tweedia can be easily grown from seeds, either by purchasing seeds directly or by harvesting seeds from an existing plant for the next growing season. Depending on your climate, tweedia seeds can be started in various different ways.

Does Tweedia need full sun?

Additionally, the plant is generally pest- and disease free—the only issue you may encounter is milkweed bugs during the tail end of their season. Tweedia will grow best if planted in an area that boasts full sun, especially in climates with cooler summers.

How do you germinate Tweedia seeds?

If you are growing tweedia as a perennial, seeds can be sowed directly into the garden, or they can be started indoors and then moved outdoors once they are established. Heated seed mats are recommended for germinating tweedia seeds, as they do best when heated from beneath during germination.

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