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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new with Dailymotion's video player?

Our video player sits right at the heart of Dailymotion's experience. We have totally redesigned this feature to offer an even sharper, faster and seamless experience across all screens including in our native apps.

Is Dailymotion R-rated?

While a spokesperson for Dailymotion told BuzzFeed the site only hosts "R-rated" content and no hardcore adult material, easily discoverable playlists on the site tease sexually explicit and hardcore content. In fact, when asked about specific guidelines, the spokesperson was not able to locate them on the site.

Is Yahoo buying Dailymotion?

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo is in talks to purchase a controlling stake in France Telecom SA's Dailymotion, a video sharing site that's been called, among other things, "the poor man's YouTube." The company, which was founded one month to the day after YouTube, calls itself the number-two video site on the internet.

How popular is Dailymotion compared to YouTube?

From a traffic standpoint, Dailymotion is a formidable site. In fact, in 2011 Google DoubleClick's Ad Planner listed it as the 44th most visited site on the internet. According to ComScore, Dailymotion attracts 116 million monthly unique visitors to YouTube's 1.2 billion.

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