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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is tronos?

Founded in 2001, Tronos is an aircraft leasing, major modification centre and aircraft maintenance services provider. We own or manage on behalf of third parties, a fleet of approximately 20 BAe 146 aircraft, as well as engines and spare parts.

Who is tronos Madu in 3Below?

Tronos Madu was a major antagonist in Part Two of 3Below . He was a Voltarian bounty hunter who desired to avenge his planet after House Tarron refused to help. Tronos comes from the war-torn planet of Voltar.

What kind of bounty hunter is tronos?

Initially, Tronos came out as any other bounty hunter: greedy, ruthless, and willing to kill a child if it is his bounty. During his time on the moon, he's also shown to have a carefree and gambling side with his fellow bounty hunters.

Where is tronos Amo located?

We have an EASA and Transport Canada approved Aircraft Maintenance organization (AMO), located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Tronos handles both routine and heavy maintenance on our own fleet and for third parties and is able to carry out specialist conversion and modification work.

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