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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find pizza crust at Trader Joe’s?

Near the Italian food. Trader Joe’s pizza crusts – that is, pre-made dough that you top and bake that has a shelf life like bread – is found in the bread section. They have a really cool looking rectangular pizza crust that’s great for making flatbreads.

Is Trader Joe's pizza dough good?

This Trader Joe’s pizza dough is really versatile and is hard to mess up. It is a great value, and can be used in any standard homemade pizza recipes . The Trader Joe’s pizza dough ingredients are really simple, and the instructions are super easy.

What are the ingredients in a trader Joe’s Pizza?

First let’s get to the ingredients list: Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough (plain, herbed or whole wheat) Trader Joe’s Pizza Sauce Trader Joe’s Whole Milk Mozzarella or Quattro Formaggio Pepperoni (varies by Trader Joe’s locations) Trader Joe’s Dried Oregano Any other topping you want to put on! Mushrooms, veggies, pineapples, whatever!

Can you use Trader Joe’s tortellini on pizza?

I use Trader Joe’s tortellini and fresh ravioli on pizza all the time. Boil the pasta to al dente then use it to top pizzas. Fresh or frozen vegetables. I’ve been known to sneak some fresh chopped spinach and frozen cauliflower rice from Trader Joe’s into pizza sauce.

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