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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Toyota Hilux Surf a pickup truck?

When the Hilux Surf was first released (1 st Gen), the vehicle design was a conversion from the Hilux pick-up truck; Toyota wanted to enter the SUV market and did so by hiring aftermarket customizers to transform the Hilux pick-up into an SUV. Camper manufacturer, Winnebago partnered with Toyota to create the Hilux Surf.

Is the Toyota Hilux a good off road vehicle?

This mid-size Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is best known for its rigid and off-road driving capabilities and reliability, making this a popular choice for anyone wanting to use this vehicle for back-road driving. The Hilux Surf and the Hilux truck were one and the same with minor differences.

What is the difference between a Hilux Surf and a 4Runner?

The Hilux Surf was manufactured and sold only within Japan. The Surf and the 4Runner have some distinct differences. For example: The Surf is a right-hand drive, whereas the 4Runner is left; diesel/gasoline engines are available on the Surf, and the 4Runner only has gasoline engines; the 4Runner is still in production.

When did the Toyota Hilux 3rd gen come out?

Fast-forwarding to December 1995, the 3 rd Gen was launched. Toyota focused on continuing to improve ride comfort and released the model with a redesigned chassis (new frame, larger wheelbase and treads) moving further away from the Hilux pickup design and more towards the Land Cruiser Prado.

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