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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the model year of the Toyota Hilux in 1973?

In May 1972, the 1973 model year Hilux was introduced, designated the RN20. Nicknamed the "RokeHi" (ロケハイ), a portmanteau of "Rocket Hilux", a more comfortable interior was specified along with exterior updates.

When did the second generation Toyota Hilux come out?

The second-generation Hilux was placed on the market in May 1972. Both the long and short wheelbase versions succeeded the predecessors' mechanical components, although they extended the wheelbase by 10 mm and 45 mm, respectively. The length of the deck and the maximum payload capacity remained unchanged.

Where can I buy a 1992 Toyota Hilux?

Worldwide Vintage Autos is one of the largest classic automobile consignment dealerships in the world. With over 200 vehicles in stock spanning over 80,000 square feet, we have what you are looking... More Info › This 1992 Toyota Hilux SSR-G is an automatic, V6, right hand drive, Japanese import with 65,500 kilometers (only ~40,700 miles) on it!

Is the Toyota Hilux a good pickup truck?

Besides its impressive performance on and off the road, its smooth and comfortable ride along with a luxurious touch in the interior make the Hilux a pickup truck to be remembered. With all of its popularity, it is not easy to spot one in North America, especially the newer models.

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