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Frequently Asked Questions

What's wrong with the 2021 Highlander's air conditioner?

The 2021 highlander doesn't have anything protecting the a/c condenser behind the grill. Within 3 month of having my highlander a pebble less than a centimeter in diameter went through the grill and destroyed it.

Is 2017 Highlander gas range off by 50%?

2017 highlander gas range off by 50%. Toyota says there is nothing they can do. Anyone else seeing this kind of discrepancy? Dashboard Fading?

How bad is the wind noise in the 2021 Highlander?

My brand new 2021 Toyota Highlander has very bad wind noise specially 40 mph. Because of to much with heard from outside, I can't drive long on the highway. The wind comes both driver and passenger side very loud.

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