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Frequently Asked Questions

What is true touch?

True Touch is a glove which helps pet owners de-shed cats and dogs. True Touch is a glove which contains bristles, which allows you to brush your dog or cat in a manner that feels more like petting. The product website is, which was registered in January 2016.

What is a therapeutic touch?

Therapeutic Touch. Definition. Therapeutic touch, or TT, is a noninvasive method of healing that was derived from an ancient laying—on of hands technique. In TT, the practitioner alters the patient's energy field through an energy transfer that moves from the hands of the practitioner to the patient.

What is touch sensation?

touch sensation - the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin; she likes the touch of silk on her skin; the surface had a greasy feeling. tactile sensation, tactual sensation, feeling, touch. perception - the process of perceiving.

What is the definition of touch?

Definition of touch. 1 : the act or fact of touching also : the act or an instance of handling or controlling a ball (as in basketball or soccer) 2 : the special sense by which pressure or traction exerted on the skin or mucous membrane is perceived 3 : a specified sensation that arises in response to stimulation of...

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