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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the top outdoor concert venues in Toronto worth visiting in July?

The top outdoor concert venues in Toronto are one of the best ways to soak up the summer heat. As we head deep into July we have to come to terms with the unbearable fact that summer is about to peak. It's that time of year when we put winter sports like watching TV on hold and look for ways to enjoy every fleeting day outside.

What are the worst concert venues in Toronto?

RBC Echo Beach “Probably the worse venue in Toronto. Staff was nice but the sand makes it hard to enjoy the concert ” more 3. REBEL “. Great venue, lots of space, and the layout is great for allowing enough view of the stage from both” more

Are there any outdoor wedding venues in Toronto with outdoor facilities?

If so, rest assured, there are tons of gorgeous venues in Toronto with beautiful outdoor facilities. To help get the ball rolling, we rounded a healthy dose of popular and unique wedding venues with outdoor amenities to help get things started! Don’t forget to check out the 2019 version of this handy list!

How far in advance should you book a concert in Ontario?

While Ontario’s reopening plan will allow concerts at outdoor venues in Step 2 and indoor venues in Step 3 “with spectator capacity restrictions,” not knowing the precise conditions under which they’ll operate makes it difficult for venues to plan in advance, said Cohen. “At the Horseshoe, we normally book a month and a half in advance.

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