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Frequently Asked Questions

What is topical information?

• TOPICAL (adjective) The adjective TOPICAL has 3 senses: 1. pertaining to the surface of a body part. 2. of or relating to or arranged by topics. 3. of interest at the present time. Familiarity information: TOPICAL used as an adjective is uncommon.

What does topical application mean?

TOPICAL APPLICATION. the delivery of a drug by applying it to the exterior of the skin or other tissue exterior, like a mucous membrane. The drug is absorbed via the exterior and generates its impacts on underlying tissues. Some therapeutic drugs which are poorly absorbed via the skin are developed with inert compounds with better penetrating...

What is topical application?

A topical medication is a medication that is applied to a particular place on or in the body. Most often topical administration means application to body surfaces such as the skin or mucous membranes to treat ailments via a large range of classes including creams, foams, gels, lotions, and ointments.

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