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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Ticketmaster Tickets?

You can buy tickets by visiting a Ticketmaster ticket center. In Arizona, they are located at Fry's Marketplace stores and some Walmart stores. Be aware that tickets purchased at a retail location can't be resold through Ticketmaster ticket exchange.

Does Ticketmaster have a phone number?

Ticketmaster Customer Service. Phone: 800-653-8000 (toll free) Phone: 800-745-3000 (for help on ticket sales) Phone: 866-448-7849 (Ticketmaster Express)

Can I refund Ticketmaster Tickets?

Consumers who buy tickets from Ticketmaster for events that are later cancelled are usually issued an automatic refund, requiring no effort on their part. Those who bought their tickets at a retail outlet can take the tickets back to the same place to receive their refund.

What does Ticketmaster insurance cover?

Ticketmaster Ticket Insurance may provide cover if you or your companion are unable to attend the event because of sickness that arises from a pre-existing medical condition. See the PDS for details of the cover and exclusions.

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