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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ticketing tool?

8 Benefits of using an IT Ticketing Software Employee Satisfaction. It is crucial for businesses to ensure that all their employee grievances are attended to and resolved in a timely manner. Efficient Ticket Resolution. With a helpdesk ticketing system, there is no need for agents to switch between multiple inboxes, complex folder structures, and color-coded tags. Ticket Prioritization. In a fast-paced service management scenario, it is important to know which support tickets need immediate resolution and which ones can make do with a slower fix. More items...

What are the ticketing tools available?

Answer / madhukar. Ticketing tool is a software which provides the solutions for the tickets.Ticket means a problem.There are many ticketing tools are available.for example Radix and Remedy.

What is remedy ticketing tool, how it works?

Q) What is REMEDY Ticketing tool, how it works? A) REMEDY is a customer relationship tool which can be used to log / monitor the issues or problems faced by customers by the means of incident management tickets. Each ticket is like an incident (problem) which is created by help desk and assigned to relevant support team.

How does ticketing system work?

Ticketing System Manages Problems Easily and Efficiently. If so, watch the Ticketing System video. Ticketing System is a ingenious new way to manage problems. It works by organizing clients, workers, and office people into a single, unified, support system. It gives everyone visibility by organizing problems onto tickets.

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