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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pirate Bay free to make an account?

This account is totally free to make, but you’ll have to enter some information about yourself, choose a username, and a password. When choosing a username, it’s suggested that you don’t use something that is going to link people back to your actual name. Get ready to browse

How do I find out about Piratebay?

Step 1: usually, a first good step is to read the Wikipedia page on the PirateBay, which contains data on its origins, history, problems, etc. This page is also updated quite frequently, so the info available is usually good.

How do I contribute to the Piratebay?

There are many blogs and pages containing information about the PirateBay, its architecture, history, problems, and more. If you want to contribute to the PirateBay by uploading content, you must first get a username and password, as only registered users can do so. Once you are a registered user, do the following steps to upload a file:

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