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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on Vintage FM tuners?

The Tuner Information Center (TIC) has the most comprehensive information on vintage FM tuners of any site on the web. The panel of experts has some of the best technical people in the business and includes people who've owned, repaired, and modified hundreds of tuners.

What are the best FM radio tuners?

What are the Best FM tuners? 1 Kenwood KT-727 2 Kenwood KT-3200D 3 NEC T-6E 4 SAE 8000 5 Accuphase T-101 6 Sony ST-S550ES 7 Onkyo T-4500 8 Tandberg TPT-3011A 9 McIntosh MR-74 10 Luxman T-110 11 Onkyo T-909 12 MD-102, early version

What is the best vintage tuner for 3rd grade?

3 Best Vintage Tuners. 1 Day Sequerra FM Reference – 1992. Day Sequerra FM Reference – 1992 – Day Sequerra is re-entering the high-end audio market starting with an major ... 2 McIntosh MR 78 – 1972/1979. 3 Marantz ST 8 – 1979/1982. 4 Day Sequerra FM Reference – 1992. 5 McIntosh MR 78 – 1972/1979. More items

What is the best vintage car stereo?

The vintage ones include a REL (Radio Engineering Laboratories) Precedent (from 1954), two different Marantz 10B's, a McIntosh MR71, and numerous Scott and Fisher units. By far the one with the best sound quality has been the now 55-year old REL Precedent (with a Scott or Fisher multiplex adapter to decode the stereo).

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