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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arena in Hollywood?

With a very young crowd, smoking balcony and inexpensive cover charges, Arena is a massive Hollywood dance club with different nights for minors, gays and more. A huge dance club with a New York City feel, Arena in Hollywood attracts a party-ready crowd of gays, minors and other club kids looking for fun.

What is the arena group?

The Arena Group creates dynamic, digital destinations that delight consumers with stories and news about the things they love – their favorite sports teams, the inside scoop on personal finance, and the latest on lifestyle essentials.

What forms of payment does the arena club accept?

What forms of payment are accepted? The Arena Club accepts credit cards. How is The Arena Club rated? The Arena Club has 3.5 stars. What days are The Arena Club open?

Where to Park near the arena?

The area around Arena can be a bit shady, so park on the street for free at your own risk, or ante up and pay for valet for a more secure space for your vehicle.

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