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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tek and why is it important?

Another more recent objective has been to produce a drainage-wide portrait of climate and environmental change, emphasizing those that are related to subsistence fisheries. Use of TEK also contributes to local capacity building by utilizing a framework of community involvement in research. Collection of TEK

What is traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)?

Traditional Ecological Knowledge, also called by other names including Indigenous Knowledge or Native Science, (hereafter, TEK) refers to the evolving knowledge acquired by indigenous and local peoples over hundreds or thousands of years through direct contact with the environment.

What is Tek used for in Alaska?

In Alaska, the Service, as well as the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game Subsistence Division, collect and use TEK for research and monitoring fish populations under the Federal Subsistence Management Program.

How to make an impact at Tek Systems?

There are many ways to make an impact at TEKsystems. Find the internal career path that’s right for you. We actively support veterans, active military and military spouses in achieving their career goals and ambitions. Let us serve you as your partner in career transformation.

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