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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of using technology in education?

The use of technology in education also raises challenges, including those related to equity of access, cost-effectiveness, teacher professional development, assessment, privacy, and safety. AIR is poised to support the field in addressing these challenges.

What are the advantages of using technology in education?

One of the most significant benefits of using technology in education is putting students’ knowledge and skills into action. Students earn beneficial knowledge through online classes and interactions with their teachers and other peer students. However, it is very important to put these new skills into practice and action.

What is the role of technology in education today?

Technology in education allows students to flip the notion of a classroom on its head by choosing when and where to learn. Video lectures, recordings, and digital resources make it possible for students to learn at their own pace. Self-paced learning can result in better outcomes, a more engaged student body, and increased creativity.

What are the latest trends in technology-based education?

Educational technology is a fairly new field in the education sector, and not all teachers are ready to start implementing such technologically-driven plans. The cost of education has significantly reduced, with options like online degrees and by eliminating the need to buy physical textbooks.

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