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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important technology trends in 2022?

You won’t find musings on quantum computing, neural interfaces, or nanotechnology – while they are certainly on the cards, their impact will be felt further down the line. Instead, the most important trends in 2022 are likely to focus around the convergence of technology trends, as tools emerge that let us combine them in new and amazing ways.

Is technology the future of Education?

While educational technology can certainly enhance students' experiences, it can present some challenges as well. More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents reported having experienced one or more technology issues within the past academic year. One of the hottest topics in higher education these days is the future of instructional modalities.

Can We celebrate the quality of education available in 2022?

From an optimistic point of view, we can celebrate the fact that the quality of education available in 2022 is less limited by where someone happens to live in the world and the time they have available to attend classes.

How will AI Impact education in 2022?

And the VR Expeditions app allows teachers to take students on virtual field trips to 360 different cities. Artificial intelligence (AI) will impact every area of human activity during 2022, and education is certainly no exception.

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