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What was the Tech like in the 1980s?

From the Walkman to the Game Boy, we take a look at the iconic tech of the 1980s. Big hair, cheesy sitcoms, the best pop music ever written – the 1980s had it all. But aside from the awesome popular culture stuff, the decade also saw its fair share of landmark technology breakthroughs and releases.

What are some of the biggest 1980s hits?

Biggest 1980s hits: 1 Sultans of Swing ( listen) 2 Private Investigation ( listen) 3 Money for Nothing ( listen) 4 Walk of Life ( listen)

What are the top 10 drum machines of the 80s?

The 10 synths and drum machines that defined the '80s 1 Linn Electronics LM-1 Drum Computer. 2 E-MU Systems Emulator. 3 Fairlight CMI. 4 Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer. 5 Ensoniq Mirage. 6 Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer. 7 New England Digital Synclavier. 8 PPG Wave 2.2/2.3 Synthesizers. 9 Roland D-50 Synthesizer. 10 Oberheim DX/DMX Drum Machine.

What was the most important music movement in the 1980s?

Musical movements of the 1980s MTV Arguably the most significant event to come out of the 1980s is the MTV. MTV (Music Television) made its debut on August 1, 1981 and became the first cable network to showcase music videos.

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