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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free webstore template for tebex?

Tebex are pleased to announce the release of a much awaited update to the free webstore templates. The time has finally come for our free template to get some appreciation. The team at Tebex get many requests for our free template to be updated, and now finally, we are able to do this.

How does tebex checkout work?

When using Tebex Checkout, your customers will use a streamlined, centralised checkout flow. In order to ensure that your customers don't have to enter duplicate information or complete unnecessary steps, we recommend updating any custom templates to remove some legacy checkout fields.

How do I make money with tebex?

Setup your webstore, create your products, link to your game server and start generating revenue in minutes. Accept PayPal, Credit Card, Paysafecard and 45+ local payment methods with no setup or integration required. Why Tebex? Design your webstore to fit your own game server branding using our powerful theme editor.

Can I customise a theme in tebex?

You can also customise a theme in the CSS editor (Plus or Premium only), but please know that Tebex cannot guide you in how to customise your theme, or how to write your code, so please do not ask us. You should only consider customising your theme if you know how to code, or you have bought a pre-made third-party theme.

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