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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a tebex payment on fivem?

You should have already setup the sv_tebexSecret at your server.cfg file! Fill the webhook URL text box with http://your-server-ip:30120/tebex/payments the port is your FiveM server port!

How do I run tebex-fivem on my server?

If you wish to use the git verson, the Tebex-FiveM directory should be copied into your server server-data/resources/ directory. To force the Tebex-FiveM resource to start when you start your server, add the following line to your server.cfg: Tebex-FiveM works by executing commands on your console.

What can I do with tebex?

Awesome! This system allows you to execute any commands you wish - if the command is executable on your server (For example from another third party plugin) then it'll work via Tebex too! As we support the use of different games across the Tebex Store we offer slightly different ways of getting a customer username or their ID.

How do tebex commands work?

The way Tebex commands work is simple - when you create a package you enter a list of commands which you want to be executed on your server once a purchase has been made. For example, if we wanted to sell a package which gave the player a gold block, you would enter the following command in your package configuration:

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