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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find quality scripts for fivem?

Welcome to the Legendary Team's Webstore. Here you will find quality Scripts for FiveM. Click on Packages to see our list of scripts. If you need any help or support, send us an email. If possible try to describe the situation as much as possible. E-mail: [email protected]

Who is Luis tebex?

My name is Luis and I am developing scripts for FiveM since 2 years. In december 2020 I've also started to share some scripts here - on my Tebex webstore!

Why choose fivem for asset escrow?

Our resources are using FiveM's NEW official asset escrow system to ensure maximum stability for your server and piece of mind to you as a server owner. Our scripts are tested on live servers before being released to the public making sure little to no bugs slip by.

Can I experience my new fivem mods on my server?

You can now experience your new FiveM mods on your server. Have fun wit h your new modifications on your machine!

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