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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective teaching strategies?

Effective teaching strategies include: Use a multiple-scenario approach to developing lesson plans. Monitor and verify student responses to lessons. Evaluate and adapt lessons as necessary. Use peers to review lesson plans and to develop ideas that might be applicable. Develop and maintain a pool of mentors.

What are the different types of teaching strategies?

The definition of a teaching strategy is the principles and methods of teaching. Teaching strategies vary according to the grade level and subject being taught. The most common teaching strategies are: direct instruction, indirect instruction, interactive instruction, independent study and experimental learning.

What are the most effective instructional strategies?

Effective Instructional Strategies. To be effective, activities need to channel student thought and action to meet specific educational objectives. A valuable resource for teachers would be examples of strategies that help them to actively and effectively engage students. Generally, these strategies fall into three categories: higher-order thinking,...

What are the core strategies of teaching?

While core teaching strategies vary from one teacher to another, veteran teacher Kellie Hayden suggests some strategies include being inviting and positive, having a classroom management style, varying types of instruction and giving a variety of assessments.

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