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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick my own dentist with dental insurance?

Indemnity dental insurance is an insurance package where the policyholder can choose his or her own dentist and the insurance provider will be the one to pay that designated dentist your fees or, usually, around half of them. This indemnity dental insurance plan allows you to select any licensed dentist for service.

What does TDIC mean?

Tdic meaning Total Dissolved Inorganic Carbon.

Do I need dental insurance to see the dentist?

You actually don't need to have dental insurance to come in and visit the dentist. In fact, about 40% of our patients don't have any dental insurance. One way we help our patients without dental insurance is our Confident Smile Program.

Do dentists pay malpractice insurance?

Dentists usually have to pay an annual amount to take part in the PCF. This is not a replacement for Malpractice Insurance but only protects when the claimant demands huge sums of money, often beyond the coverage of Malpractice Insurance. Each state has different rules in the way PCF is implemented.

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