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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TDI mean in cars?

TDI engines are very popular nowadays and are used in many car companies name Tata Mahindra Toyota and Volkswagen. Basically in a TDI engine there is direct injection of fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine. This increases combustion efficiency. Also the T in TDI stands for turbocharged.

What is the definition of TDI?

TDI means Turbocharged Direct Injection. The TDI engine uses Direct Injection, where a fuel injector sprays atomised fuel directly into the main combustion chamber of each cylinder. The engine also uses forced induction by way of a turbocharger to increase the amount of air which is able to enter the engine cylinders.

What is TDI technology?

TDi Technologies is the first solution provider to offer a unified system for cybersecurity/operations. Our patented technology provides flexibility, automation, optimization, control and management capabilities that dramatically improve the ability to meet operational and security demands.

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