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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TDEC online?

The new center for doing business online with the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation. New technology and a new vision has the Department of Environment & Conservation evolving into a new way of interacting with our customers. Learn more or interact with TDEC map resources available within our GIS information system.

How do I register for TDEC online grants management system?

Welcome to the TDEC Online Grants Management System! We are excited to offer a more streamlined and easier way to submit applications and grants management for funded projects. The first step is to register as an individual and affiliate with an organization by clicking the button below labeled: Register Here.

Does TDECU digital banking allow members to login with IE 11?

In accordance with best practices, after January 14, 2020 TDECU Digital Banking no longer allowed Members to log in with IE 11.

Can I refinance my TDECU loan?

3 Existing TDECU loans are ineligible for refinancing. 4 Interest will be charged to your account from the original loan date on the unpaid balance during the 90-day payment deferral period. Loan-to-Value must be less than 125% and a minimum credit score of 660 is required to qualify for the deferred payment option.

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