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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best systemic insecticide?

What is the best systemic insecticide? Click to see full answer. Likewise, people ask, what is a good systemic insecticide? Some of the common house and garden insecticides that are systemic include acephate (Orthene®), imidacloprid (Bayer's Tree & Shrub Insect Control™, Merit®) and dinotefuran (Greenlight Tree and Shrub Insect Control ...

Are systemic pesticides safe?

In some cases, a systemic pesticide is safer for the environment than a non-systemic pesticide would be. For example, systemic insecticides used for tree pest control, including the emerald ash borer, are injected into the trunk or applied to the soil for uptake by the tree’s roots. Less of the chemical ends up drifting onto other plants or contacting non-target insects than if non-systemic chemicals were sprayed.

What is systemic spray?

Systemic insecticides can provide long-term con-trol of insect pests without having to rely on regular spray applications. However, it is important to use proper insecticide stewardship to minimize the risk of insect populations’ developing resistance to currently available systemic materials.

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