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Frequently Asked Questions

What does systemic effect mean?

In medicine, systemic means affecting the whole body, or at least multiple organ systems. It is in contrast with topical or local.

What is the definition of systemic effect?

Systemic refers to something that is spread throughout, system-wide, affecting a group or system, such as a body, economy, market or society as a whole. Systemic may also refer to: ... Systemic effect, an adverse effect of a medical treatment that affects the body as a whole, rather than one part.

What are the systemic effects of toxic chemicals?

Systemic effects are defined as those effects occurring in tissues distant from the site of contact between the body and the medical device or biomaterial. Systemic effects can be associated with leachable chemicals or degradation products released from a medical device following exposure to biological fluids and/or inflammatory cells.

What is the definition of systemic problem?

A systemic problem is a problem due to issues inherent in the overall system, rather than due to a specific, individual, isolated factor. Contrast with pilot error, user error, or mistake. A change to the structure, organization or policies in that system could alleviate the systemic problem.

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