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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the systemic circuit?

The main function of the systemic circuit is to carry blood to and away from all the tissues in the body. Due to the fact that this system is much larger, this causes the walls of the left ventricle to be far stronger than the right side of the heart.

What does the systemic circuit do?

The systemic circuit is that part of your circulatory system that carries blood away from your heart, delivers it to most of your organs and tissues, and returns it to your heart again.

What is the definition of systemic circuit?

The systemic circuit is the path of circulation between the heart and the rest of the body (excluding the lungs). After moving through the pulmonary circuit, oxygen-rich blood in the left ventricle leaves the heart via the aorta.

What is the pathway of the systemic circuit?

Systemic circulation. The systemic pathway, however, consists of many circuits in parallel, each of which has its own arteriolar resistance that determines blood flow independently of the overall flow and pressure and without necessarily disrupting these. For example, the blood flow through the digestive tract increases after meals,...

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