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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Al Suwaidi & company?

Al Suwaidi & Company is a highly intelligent, reliable and professional team. They handle the negotiations in a wonderfully tactful manner and do an excellent job diffusing a tense situation without giving in; they are also very dedicated towards their work with absolute attention to detail; they are sure an asset to any company!"

Why choose Suwaidi engineering group?

We are proud to have played a significant role in some of the UAE’s most iconic and critical projects. Suwaidi Engineering Group has partnered with and represented some of the world’s most prestigious and accomplished companies, offering our clients unparalleled levels of service and successful project delivery completions.

What is the exact location of Al-Suwaidi?

As-Suwaidi (Riyadh) Coordinates: 24°35′N 46°40′E / 24.59°N 46.67°E / 24.59; 46.67 Al-Suwaidi (Arabic: السويدي‎) is a district of the Al-Urayja branch municipality, in southwestern Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the western side of the Wadi Hanifa. It became notorious as a "no go"-area and stronghold of Islamic terrorism in the 2000s.

What does SSC stand for in Al Suwaidi?

AL-SUWAIDI SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED (SSC) Al-Suwaidi Services Company Limited (SSC) is a subsidiary of Al-Suwaidi Holding Company. SSC commenced with Catering Operations as a single division of Al-Suwaidi Holding in August 1995.

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