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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Supa Strikas rookie season release?

On November 23, 2021, Supa Strikas official channel released a trailer of their brand new series titled "Rookie Season". The trailer announced the series release date to be- 3 December 2021. It was said to be a Youtube Original series. [citation needed] It focuses on How Shakes joined Supa Strikas.

Who has nothing on the Supa Strikas team?

Manchester United and Chelsea have nothing on the Supa Strikas team. This football adventure series is packed with goals that Neuer and Oblak couldn't touch. If you think Renaldo or Neymar are the best you obviously haven’t seen Shakes, El Matador or Klaus in action.

What happens in rookie season?

"Rookie Season kicks back to where it all started for Supa Strikas’ youngest star. Join Shakes on a series of misadventures, as he gets betrayed by his best friend, searches for his dad and mystifies his sister, risking everything for one shot at joining the world’s most epic soccer team and raising a little thing called the Super League!"

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