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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Supa Strikas a prequel?

This school-age prequel animated series will uncover some earth-shattering revelations for fans of the popular show and the pan-African team. By what name was Supa Strikas: Rookie Season (2021) officially released in Canada in English?

Did shakes miss a chance to impress a Supa Strikers scout?

Shakes may miss out on the chance to impress a Supa Strikers scout. Shakes and Skarra get a look behind the scenes of the Strikaland try-outs. Shakes arrives at the Secret Training Compound for practice, only to encounter the Prof's robot defenders. North Shaw is locked in an inflatable safety sphere to recover from injury.

Who has nothing on the Supa Strikas team?

Manchester United and Chelsea have nothing on the Supa Strikas team. This football adventure series is packed with goals that Neuer and Oblak couldn't touch. If you think Renaldo or Neymar are the best you obviously haven’t seen Shakes, El Matador or Klaus in action.

What happened to supa strikas in Invincible United?

Invincible United's unscrupulous striker, Skarra, kidnaps the Professor and forces the fitness genius to help him outdo his enemies. Now Supa Strikas have to go up against a frighteningly super-sized opponent, and it's up to Shakes to figure out this giant's weakness! Supa Strikas are annihilated by Orion's amazing airborne moves.

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