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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose St Pat's school?

Considering St. Pat's School? St. Pat's School is open to all who would like to provide a quality education to their children in a faith-based environment. We welcome students and families of all religions; a child does not need to be Catholic (or even Christian) to attend our school.

What can St Patrick do for your parish?

(1) Evangelization: St. Patrick will engage parishioners and visitors with lively Sunday liturgies. (2) Hospitality: St. Patrick will foster a sense of welcome and hospitality to parishioners and visitors. (3) Young Catholics: St. Patrick will empower the youth of the parish in active roles of discipleship and service.

What happened to Katharina after leaving St Patrick School?

And, see some facts about our students after leaving St. Patrick School. “As you know Katharina will be attending Marquette in the fall. She set her sights on their University Program. After the first exam was administered in class she went back to take the exam a second time to qualify.

Is it safe to donate to St Patrick's Parish?

It is safe and secure. St. Patrick still has bills to pay, such as NIPSCO and also staff salaries, and various other expenses that need to be met. Join our online giving today!

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