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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get stereo sound from one speaker?

It is not possible to reproduce Stereo Sound from a single point source (single speaker), though you can collapse a Stereo signal into Mono so that you hear all the information in the recording. Most stereo receivers or preamps have a "Mono" switch, press this to sum the left and right sides.

What does a stereo receiver do?

A stereo receiver is a major electrical component that is used to decode signals from a variety of sources and transmit them as sound through speakers or headphones. They can also be used to transmit pictures and sound to a television and are an essential part of most home theater systems.

What is a pioneer stereo?

Verdict / The Pioneer DEH-80PRS is a high-end car stereo with a high-end price, but its audio quality is worth it, especially if you plan to expand your system. The Pioneer DEH-80PRS features audiophile-grade components, which is one reason why it's the most expensive car stereo we reviewed.

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