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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get list eligibility for calcareers?

Once you take and pass an examination, you will obtain list eligibility and will receive a letter stating your score and rank. Your eligibility will also be stored in your personal CalCareers account. Now that you have obtained list eligibility, you can begin to search for specific jobs at .

How to get a state job in California?

How to Get a State Job 1 Search for Jobs on the CalCareers Website. Create a CalCareers account. ... 2 Pass an Exam. The Employment Development Department (EDD) is part of the merit-based California civil service selection system. 3 Apply for Job Openings. Apply for the job. ... 4 Prepare for the Interview. ... 5 Pass Your Probation Period. ...

How do I determine my California eligibility list rank?

You can determine your rank by going to the California Department of Human Resource's Eligible List Disclosure page. If you are in Rank 1, 2, or 3, you may immediately begin applying for job openings/vacancies in which you are interested. Please do not call CalHR to obtain information on your ranking.

What is an eligible list?

An eligible list is a list of candidates who have passed all parts of the examination and can be considered for employment based on their scores. Generally the top three ranks (highest scores) of an eligible list are considered reachable and will be contacted first.

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