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Frequently Asked Questions

What is staffready healthcare software?

StaffReady healthcare software provides cloud-based solutions that automate staff scheduling, competency assessment, and document control for healthcare organizations. StaffReady is Clinical Workforce Management Software.

Where is staffready located?

StaffReady makes a HQ move to Main Ave. in downtown Spokane. The newly renovated 1900’s upper warehouse floor boasts original brick and woodwork as well as a modern, industrial vibe. The penthouse patio get regular use for Thirsty Thursday afternoons, a company tradition.

How does staffready document control work?

Various versions of documents, complicated review processes, and finding what you need can make for a stressful situation. StaffReady’s Document Control takes the hassle out of paperwork while still retaining a robust audit trail. Create and edit documents, send them for approval, and review in any location at any time.

What is the difference between staffready and inspectionready?

Maplewood launches its first subsidiary company, StaffReady, and at the same time, rebrands the StaffReady suite of products as the StaffReady platform. Existing products are rebranded as the Scheduling and Competency modules. InspectionReady continues to be sold as a standalone inspection product.

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