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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies are based in New Jersey?

The 20th century New Jersey and the surrounding area is the headquarters for many of the premier pharmaceutical companies in the world including, American Home Products, Johnson & Johnson, Warner Lambert, Merck & Co., Pharmacia-Upjohn, Schering-Plough, BASF, Hoechst, Schering AG, Hoffman LaRoche, and Novartis.

What are temporary staffing agencies?

A temporary staffing firm, also known as a temp agency or staffing agency, finds and retains workers to send out on short- or long-term assignments.

What are staffing companies?

Staffing agencies are engaged by employers to find candidates to fill their open vacancies. These roles can be permanent, temporary, contract, hourly, or part-time. They are also known as employment agencies, recruitment agencies, staffing companies, staffing firms, and temporary agencies.

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