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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you know about St Patrick's College?

About St Patrick's College. St Patrick's College is a Catholic co-educational secondary college, located in Launceston, Tasmania. We are committed to a holistic, inclusive and Christ-centred education that provides opportunity for each student to learn the skills, knowledge and values in order to thrive in a changing world. The College is...

Why choose St Patrick's College Townsville?

At St Patrick’s College Townsville, our teaching team and professional ancillary staff create the difference in our students’ learning experience. Our staff are experts in their areas of specialty, and as such are both inspirational and aspirational.

When was St Patrick's College Sydney built?

1859-1900: commences with the granting of land for the purpose of constructing a residence for the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. The major buildings, St. Patrick's College, the Archbishop's Residence and the Recreation Building, date from this period.

How do I enrol my son in St Patrick's College?

College Calendar: The St Patrick’s College calendar lists all key events in and around the school and its affiliated groups. Online applications: An easy, convenient and user-friendly way to commence the enrolment process for your son.

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