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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the Sunday Mass at St Patrick's?

ST. PATRICK'S - Home 8:00 am Mass To tune in live, click on the image at the time of the Mass, or watch recorded on ​​ our YouTube Channel afterward. SATURDAY EVENING SUNDAY Note: Masses will be celebrated ​in the Upper Church this weekend. 11am Livestream Mass

Why St Patrick's Church?

At St. Patrick we celebrate and share the love of God in so many ways. Most importantly, we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in English y en español. People from all walks of life—every age, race, color, background, economic status and language gather for Mass each weekend to share in the great love of Christ.

What is St Patrick Faith Formation?

Patrick’s Faith Formation Programs are designed for individuals at any stage of their Faith journey. Whether you’re learning to pray, seeking to deepen your knowledge of the scriptures, or desiring to take your spirituality to a new level, St. Patrick Faith Formation has something to offer you. Every Light, Burning Bright.

Why St Patrick's Eucharist?

We at St.Patrick are in awe and in love with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we accept the gift of God’s love, the Eucharist/la Eucaristia whose power can convert us and transform the world.

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