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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SRL?

SRL is the bimonthly peer-reviewed forum for communication among seismologists, engineers and policymakers. Stay informed. Subscribe today. As of 01 January 2016, SRL Online is the journal of record for Seismological Research Letters.

Why choose SRL Diagnostics?

SRL Diagnostics is one of the leading diagnostic chains in India, providing quality diagnostics service via an efficient network of 400+ labs and 1500+ customer touch points spread across 600+ Cities, ...Know More Mazgaon SRL DIAGNOSTICS Swapnali has conducted all procedure professionally. appreciated the way of handling test and patients.

What is a self-retracting lifeline (SRL)?

Shorter activation distance and shorter overall arresting distance greatly reduces the risk of hitting the ground. These units are just a small piece of a personal arrest system. Self-Retracting Lifelines or SRL's are usually used when fall protection is need for a mobile worker. What is a Fall Arrester?

What is the definitive version of my SRL article?

In other words, starting with SRL volume 87, the version of your SRL article that appears in SRL Online at is the definitive article of record. With this change, authors now have the option to publish in gray scale, in print and in color online with no color charge.

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