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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speedplay advanced pedal system?

SPEEDPLAY advanced pedal system is the world’s only dual-sided* road pedal, simplifying engagement and creating a secure and stable platform. SPEEDPLAY offers a full range of road pedals, determining which one is right for you depends on the type of riding you do and riding experience level.

Why Speedplay zero pedals?

Speedplay Zero Stainless Pedals With Speedplay Walkable Cleats the performance features of the Speedplay Zero Pedal System read like a pro racer's wish list. No other pedal system comes close to offering the superior adjustability or cutting-edge performance features of the Zero.

What kind of pedals do you use on Speedplay X2 road bike?

Speedplay X2 Road Bike Clipless Pedals and Cleats Stainless Steel X/2 Cleaning out the house and getting ready for the Spring! Speedplay X2 Road Pedals ... more Stainless Steel X/2. Well used for 1 season. Pedals and cleats show signs of use. Cleats have less than 10 rides worth of wear. Super light.

What are Speedplay walkable® bike cleats?

Speedplay Walkable® Bike Cleats are the first truly walkable road cleats. The integrated, rubberized covers stay on the cleats while you are riding. When walking, the covers improve traction and protect the cleats from wear.

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