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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Speedplay pedals?

By integrating a cleat with a lower pedal profile, SPEEDPLAY’s aerodynamic system platform decreases drag delivering faster ride speeds without increases in power output. SPEEDPLAY advanced pedal system is the world’s only dual-sided* road pedal, simplifying engagement and creating a secure and stable platform.

What is the Speedplay Comp?

The versatile, ride-ready SPEEDPLAY COMP provides benefits to cyclists of every level. The dimpled and streamlined SPEEDPLAY AERO defies wind, boosts speed and gets results. SPEEDPLAY is the only bike pedal system to provide independent 3-Axis Adjustability to optimize bicycle fit and enhance performance through better biomechanics.

What is the Speedplay easy tension bike cleat?

It's a race-level cleat built to handle the demands of the most powerful riders. The Easy Tension Bike Cleat has a light-action spring for easier pedal engagement, offering a stable and secure platform for all-day riding comfort. Speedplay Walkable® Bike Cleats are the first truly walkable road cleats.

Why choose Wahoo Speedplay?

As the only dual-sided bike pedal platform, Wahoo SPEEDPLAY delivers best-in-class efficiency, engagement and comfort. Together these benefits provide a direct link between rider and bike, maximizing every stroke through bicycle fit and float tuned to individual pedaling dynamics.

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