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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean Speedplay pedals with a grease gun?

A little dribble of lube all around the inner edge of the cleat (the circular bit that grips the pedal), wipe of the excess, and jobs a good ’un: So there we have it. The Weldtite Teflon grease gun will allow you to maintain (and prolong the life of) your Speedplay pedals at a fraction of the price of the official one.

Do Speedplay cleats need grease?

Speedplay cleats are a bit more straightforward and don’t require a grease gun. They take a dry lube such that you don’t pick up dirt and grit as you walk on them (which would then abrade the moving parts of the cleat).

Do Speedplay pedals need maintenance?

As we also know, Speedplays require a little more maintenance upkeep than other pedals. They contain bearings within the pedal, which need replacement grease every 2000 miles. The cleats also have a sprung component – they clip around the lollipop-shaped pedals – and these need a bit of dry lube every once in a while (but then, don’t we all).

How do you replace the internal grease on a pedal?

The procedure for replacing the internal pedal grease is shown quite clearly in this Speedplay video: For those that can’t be arsed to watch it, the main elements are that you unscrew a little cover to an aperture on the side of the pedal.

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