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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Speedplay pedals for gravel racing?

Several riders on the US gravel racing circuit choose Speedplay pedals for their efficiency, running stiff-soled road cycling shoes rather than mountain bike shoes. If you don't need to dismount at all, then using this combination shouldn't be a problem, and enables you to maximise power transfer where marginal gains like these really count.

What is Speedplay advanced pedal system?

SPEEDPLAY advanced pedal system is the world’s only dual-sided* road pedal, simplifying engagement and creating a secure and stable platform. SPEEDPLAY offers a full range of road pedals, determining which one is right for you depends on the type of riding you do and riding experience level.

What are the best clipless pedals for gravel riding?

The off-road X-Track Race pedals from the French brand Look are a good option for gravel riders seeking a clipless pedal with plenty of adjustability. These feature six degrees of float, and the cleat retention can be adjusted between 6 and 14 degrees.

What is the Speedplay easy tension bike cleat?

It's a race-level cleat built to handle the demands of the most powerful riders. The Easy Tension Bike Cleat has a light-action spring for easier pedal engagement, offering a stable and secure platform for all-day riding comfort. Speedplay Walkable® Bike Cleats are the first truly walkable road cleats.

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