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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Speedplay pedal system?

SPEEDPLAY pedals allow up to 15 degrees of float, allowing the heel to pivot around the center of the pedal. This range of motion in the foot, lower leg and knee increases comfort and enhances pedal efficiency. The slim profile of the SPEEDPLAY Advanced Pedal System allows for the greatest degree of lean on the bike when riding tight corners.

Are Speedplay the frog pedals any good?

Up for bids is a used pair of Speedplay The Frog Pedals. These are the Titanium version ($250 new)They are used and in good condition. The pedal platforms have marks from normal clipping in/out and riding trails/commuting. They are 100% functional.

What kind of cleats do Speedplay zero pedals include?

SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedals include a set of Standard Tension Cleats and cleat surrounds for the most aerodynamic profile & walkable system. SPEEDPLAY Advanced Pedal System has cross cleat compatibility.

What is the Speedplay easy tension bike cleat?

It's a race-level cleat built to handle the demands of the most powerful riders. The Easy Tension Bike Cleat has a light-action spring for easier pedal engagement, offering a stable and secure platform for all-day riding comfort. Speedplay Walkable® Bike Cleats are the first truly walkable road cleats.

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